Contents of the Master of Online Business Course

This online Masters course covers the A to Z of Online Business. All the hidden secrets of Making Money Online and web design are locked inside these e-books.

  1. More than 60 e-books and videos containing detailed in-depth lessons on online business and web design. It covers the seven major areas of online business and teaches how to do the three that I am currently doing
  2. Learn everything on your own in 3 to 6 months
  3. Online help forum where you can ask questions and get help while reading the books.
  4. Over 5,000 Pages with step by step guides and numerous illustrations
  5. You can start earning money 6 to 9 months AFTER learning
  6. How to start an online business in Nigeria – What is needed, Cost implications and How soon you can start making money
  7. Case Study: How we made 225,000 Naira monthly from the Internet and how you can do the same
  8. Case Study: How we made two million naira in 6 months from selling our first e-book online and how you can do the same
  9. How to make money online with a free website
  10. Web design (WordPress, Blogspot, HTML, PHP, MySql, Forums, Joomla CMS etc)
  11. Domain registration and web hosting (Free and Paid)
  12. How to build and host different kinds of websites
  13. How to advertise and market things on Facebook
  14. Tutorials on all the different ways that we are currently using to make money online and step by step instructions on how you can start doing each of them and succeed like us. These are:
  15. Blogging
  16. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  17. Google Adsense
  18. Information marketing /E-book Sales
  19. Making Money from Facebook
  20. How to make additional income as a website designer/developer
  21. Making money as an internet consultant
  22. How to protect yourself from Internet fraud, scams and email viruses
  23. Millionaire’s Secret: Multiple Streams of Income (MSI)”. MSI is the real secret to becoming rich from online business. It means don’t do only one thing. Do everything. Provided you are doing them right, eventually they will start yielding fruits.
  24. Keyword/niche research and SEO
  25. Getting traffic and subscribers
  26. And Lots, lots More


Full Ebooks List:


Module 1: Introduction to Online Business for Nigerians (347 KB, PDF)
Module 2: Amazon Part 1 (534 KB, PDF)
Module 3: Amazon Part 2 (3.02 MB, PDF)
Module 4: Amazon Part 3 (1.93 MB, PDF)
Module 5: Amazon Part 4 (678 KB, PDF)
Module 6: Information Marketing Part 1 (386 KB, PDF)
Module 7: Information Marketing Part 2 (477 KB, PDF)
Module 8: Google AdSense Part 1 (1.84 MB, PDF)
Module 9: Google AdSense Part 2 (4.7 MB, PDF)
Module 10: Affiliate Marketing Part 1: (4.24 MB, PDF)
Module 11: Affiliate Marketing Part 2 (269 KB, PDF)

SECTION B: Full M.O.B Course

Part 1: Website Design (1 Month)

Module 1: Introduction to Website Design (722 KB, PDF)
Module 2: How to Build a Free Website (1.64 MB, PDF)
Module 3: Domain Registration and Hosting (1.66 MB, PDF)
Module 4: Building with WordPress (1.97 MB, PDF)
Module 5: Customizing WordPress (1.98 MB, PDF)
Module 6: Further WordPress Customization (968 KB, PDF)
Module 7: Building a Forum (1.44 MB, PDF)
Module 8: Introduction to Keyword Research (703 KB, PDF)
Module 9: Fundamentals of Content and Copy (1.68 MB, PDF)
Module 10: Website Layout and Design Patterns (2.45 MB, PDF)
Module 11: Project: (208 KB, PDF)
Module 12: Building a CMS with Joomla (2.58.14 MB, PDF)
Module 13: Further Website Design (11.39 MB, PDF)
Module 14: Introduction to Web Programming (14.19 MB, PDF)

Part 2: Online Business

First Semester (3 Months)
Module 1: MOB Course Intro (845 KB, PDF)
Module 2: Introduction to Online Business (346 KB, PDF)
Module 3: Making Money Online in Nigeria (2.13 MB, PDF)
Module 4: Basic Online Business (1.59 MB, PDF)
Module 5: Introduction to Blogging (6.32 MB, PDF)
Module 6: Basic Keyword Research (828 KB, PDF)
Module 7: Niche Selection Strategies (838 KB, PDF)
Module 8: Basic AdSense for Nigerians (1.84 MB, PDF)
Module 9: AdSense Mini Course (Web Page)
Module 10: Advanced Google AdSense (8.06 MB, PDF)

Second Semester (3 Months)
Module 11: Basic Affiliate Marketing (534 KB, PDF)
Module 12: Amazon Associates Essentials (1.46 MB, PDF)
Module 13: Amazon Affiliates Mini Course (Web Page)
Module 14: Basic Information Marketing (386 KB, PDF)
Module 15: Information Marketing Mini Course (Web Page)
Module 16: Ebook Writing (627 KB, PDF)
Module 17: Private Label Rights (1.99 MB, Web Page)
Module 18: Outsourcing (4.89 MB, Web Page)

Third Semester (2 Months)
Module 19: Basics of Web Copywriting (340 KB, PDF)
Module 20: Search Engine Optimization Foundations (18.84 MB, PDF)
Module 21: Basic Traffic Generation (284 KB, PDF)
Module 22: Blog Partnerships for Traffic (153 KB, PDF)
Module 23: Blog Commenting for Traffic (324 KB, PDF)
Module 24: Social Traffic Methods (14.76 MB, PDF)

Fourth Semester (2 Months)
Module 25: Advanced Web Copywriting (1.61 MB, PDF)
Module 26: Advanced SEO (8.87 MB, PDF)
Module 27: Creating Web Content (256 KB, PDF)
Module 28: Creating Web Content II (779 KB, PDF)
Module 29: Online Business Roadmap (3.05 MB, PDF)

Bonus Modules
Module 30: Google Hacking (635 KB, PDF)
Module 31: Google Hackers Cheatsheet (2.16 MB, PDF)

Part 3: Internet Advertising and Marketing

Module 1: Facebook Advertising for Nigerians (894 KB, PDF)
Module 2: Facebook Page Best Practices (2.78 MB, PDF)
Module 3: Facebook Marketing Guide (9.66 MB, PDF)
Module 4: Google AdWords (23.67 MB, PDF)


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