MOB Students’ Testimonies

“Things were very rough for us after I took in for our second baby. My husband lost his job and I had no job. We were just managing with the little money he saved, dreading the day when we will run out of money. Around that time, I came across your e-book package and with the last money I had, I paid and started going to my friend’s cafe to read and practice with the e-books that you sent. At the onset it looked tough and somehow technical but your words of encouragement whenever I called got me going. Today my husband and I are fully into online business. We have 14 websites and have made more than a million naira before my son was born. You came into my life and turned everything around for the better. May God continue to bless you and your family as you have blessed others with your gift. We named our son Eromosele in appreciation of your impact in our family” – Mrs Bose Alade-Oni, Housewife, Ilorin


“After nearly a year of following your teachings, I’m happy to say that so far I’ve made more than N100,000 profit from Information marketing and $531 from affiliate and adsense. My goal for this year is to hit the 500 thousand naira mark. Kudos to you guys for pulling me out of poverty”
Fejiro Oghenero, Undergraduate, Warri


“Last year when my 16 yr old son started getting cheques from abroad, I thought he had gone into yahoo yahoo but when he explained everything to me and told me about your e-books I was convinced to buy my own package and started learning with my son. Today I have four e-books which I’m selling online and fetching me more money than my textile business which I’m now planning to stop”
Madam Nkem Nwachukwu a.k.a Online Business Mama, Trader, Awka


“As a banker I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I was only able to read your e-books during my leave. Now, almost a year later, I have been able to create a second stream of income from your tutorials. In a few years, I hope to resign from the bank and face online business full time“. – Alice Babalola, Banker, Oshogbo


“The comprehensive, analytical, and step-by-step coaching makes it feel as if I am in a classroom facing a lecturer. Your e-books package is a really cheap offer for anybody who wants to develop an extra source of income, no matter what your current profession. I’m a teacher and your training has given me an extra means to support my husband and family, and as well has made me a web-designer which is a profession on its own. Buying the book has helped me kill two birds with one stone. I will buy every e-book you ever release” – Mrs Osamudiamen Osayande, Teacher, Abuja


“You saved us from Prostitution”
“I am from Cotonou with my sister. We are orphans and growing up was very very difficult for us. Things were so tough that many times we seriously considered going into prostitution to survive because many young girls do it here. One day while looking for a job online, we stumbled on your e-books advert. We borrowed money to register with the mindset that if it did not work, we will travel to Nigeria for prostitution. We applied everything you taught to the French side of things because my country is French. To the Glory of God, today, exactly one year later, our story is different. We now hold seminars to train people in website design and online business and we now make far more money than we had ever imagined we would ever make in this life.” – Juliette and Francine Abou, Cotonou


“What I like most about your course ebooks is the simple and detailed explanations. Your gift of teaching is highly commendable. Before paying for your materials I was afraid that I may not be able to understand as I was a computer novice but by merely following your simple steps, it was all so simple for me to do and is working just as you said. Una 2 much” – Nneka Obioha, Fashion Designer, Lagos


“I just want to thank you guys so much because your e-book package has changed my life. I have an OND from Auchi Poly and I was working as a typist and getting 7,000 naira salary every month. This is my second year since I started using the e-books. I have made almost 2 million naira so far and recently bought a land from the proceeds. Your e-tutor is a priceless gift to the suffering youths of this country so if you are a youth, please you must buy it.” – Hadiza Musa, Infopreneur, Auchi, Edo State


“I registered for your course in March and started my online business later that Month and so far I have been very satisfied with the results I’m getting. I’ve already made about 200 Euros and just like it said, the money is increasing every month.”
Kehinde James Makinde, Secondary School Student, Shangisha, Lagos


“I have always been very sceptical of things like this that I see on the Internet but due to the advice of my wife, I registered for your online course and received the materials as promised. When I checked the e-books, I was so surprised that the explanation looked so simple such that anybody can easily understand. When I followed the directions everything worked. In five months I have made 311 dollars and I’m now expecting my first cheque from Google. ” – Kelly Thomson, Engineer, Gwagwalada, Abuja


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